3 main steps for a car that has been standing for a long time to start without problems

Sometimes it becomes necessary to park your car for a long time and use scrap car removal brampton, for example, because of a vacation or business trip. Many drivers worry that upon their return they will not be able to start the engine in their car. This is a fairly common problem after extended periods of inactivity. Consider a few rules, the observance of which will make it possible to guaranteed to start the engine in the car, no matter how long it has been standing.

Periodic start
One of the main reasons a motor may refuse to start after a long period of inactivity is due to the discharge of the battery. To prevent this, you can ask someone from the household to start the engine in the car every few days and warm it up to operating temperature, this will allow the battery to be recharged, and it will not be discharged.

We take it home
If there is no one to look after your car, then the battery can simply be taken home. In this way, you can solve several problems at once, reliably immobilize the car and avoid battery discharge. Before installing the battery back into the car, it is advisable to recharge it.

Just remove the terminals
The easiest way is to simply remove the terminals from the battery. This must be done, since any car has constant consumers of electricity – electronic components, a radio tape recorder, an alarm, etc. They are capable of completely discharging the battery during long periods of inactivity. But if you turn it off, then this will not happen. However, it should be borne in mind that disconnecting the battery will reset all settings in the car.

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