Heavy equipment for scrap?

Heavy military equipment, whose military way has ended, turns either into a monument to history or into scrap metal. Sometimes the fate of a tank can be decided just by a caring person who has used the service scrap cars scarborough before.

During the Great Patriotic War, Nizhny Tagil produced a tank that, after going through a difficult test, “saw” the meeting of the Allies on the Elbe. This is a T-34 combat vehicle produced in November 1944 at the Ural Tank Plant No. 183, whose participation in the legendary historical event is documented. And even there are photographic materials on which the tank is depicted on April 25th 1945, the day when the troops of the First Ukrainian Front of the USSR Army met the troops of the First US Army. The Estonian lawyer and collector Mikku Lõhmus managed to collect these data and it was he who decided the fate of the armored vehicle.

So, the only surviving tank from the legendary meeting was the T-34 of Nizhny Tagil. After the war it was sent to Elva, where it was listed as part of the military equipment until 1984. Then it was decided to decommission the vehicle and it drove itself to the pedestal in the town of Myaksa. The pedestal was erected to mark such a historical event as the 40th anniversary of the crossing of the Emajõgi River by the Estonian Riflemen. However, only 9 years after the legendary tank became a historical monument, the local authorities decided to scrap the T-34.

Mikk Lõhmus, who conducted documentary and archival research, at that time already knew which tank was standing on the pedestal in his town, could not remain indifferent to the fact that the legendary armored vehicle would be cut up with metal scissors and pressed down. Obviously, having gone through the horrors of war and participated in an event that largely determined its outcome, this tank deserved more respect. The Estonian decided to intervene and asked the local authorities to sell him the armored vehicle. They met and agreed to exchange the tank for Mikkas Lõhmus’ personal car. Thus, his Moskvich became a police car, and the armored vehicle went to the farm where the Estonian lives. There it neighbored in a hangar with a tractor and a threshing machine for 23 years.

Understanding the historical importance of the T-34 with number 021, its owner decided to give it to the Estonian Aviation Museum. Today the tank is available for viewing in the current exhibit, and according to an expert statement by Finnish military engineers, it can be quickly put into working order.

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