A hole in the gas tank is a nuisance that can happen to any driver on the road. Even a small stone that unsuccessfully flies away from under the wheels of your car can break through the fuel tank. And it does not matter what the tank of your car is made of, whether it is an aluminum fuel tank, steel or plastic. You can damage any one. And it is obvious that it is not always possible to repair the tank on the road. But there is always the possibility remove industrial equipment.

If the fuel sensor broadcasts a sharp decrease in the fuel level, and a sharp smell of gasoline oozes into the car interior – the situation is dangerous, but solvable. How to react and what actions to take when the gas tank is broken, we will co

nsider in this article.

The method used by truckers and experienced motorists will help to eliminate a relatively large hole in the punctured fuel tank.

You need to find a bolt of a suitable length and diameter (if it is not in the trunk, then you will have to brake cars and ask), cut a rubber washer-gasket from the camera (again, if there is one), which will make it difficult for fuel to flow out of the tank.

Then, after draining the remaining fuel into a clean container, you need to expand the hole in the damaged gas tank, pick up the washer and install the bolt from the inside. Pay special attention to the selection of rubber: it should not be raw, but special, gasoline-resistant.

If you use soft, raw rubber, it will simply dissolve under the influence of gasoline and all the work will have to be done again.

If the size of the hole in the gas tank is not very large, in this case, cold welding is better, if, of course, you can find it on the road or in the trunk. The areas around the hole should be cleaned of dust and dirt and degreased.

Then you need to prepare a mixture of hardener and epoxy glue. If there is no epoxy glue, the”Moment” glue will do. With the prepared composition, it is necessary to impregnate a pi

ece of any rag and place it on the punctured section of the gas tank.

There are often situations when a hole in the gas tank is formed during the journey, and there are no necessary tools or glue at hand. If your car is equipped with a diaphragm-type fuel pump, an ordinary plastic bottle with a volume of 2.5 liters will help in this case.

The hose from the gas pump should be placed in a plastic

bottle and securely fixed it either near the cooling radiator or at the washer tank.

So you can get to the nearest service station and give the damaged car into the hands of specialists who are engaged in repairing fuel tanks and will be able to eliminate the leak with the help of special tools and tools.

The considered tips for eliminating a hole in the gas tank are the first ambulance that you can try to provide in an emergency situation.

In order to seal up the gas tank thoroughly and the operation of the car was safe, you should contact the car service for repair work, and if the fuel tank is not subject to repair, replace the damaged gas tank with a new one.

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