Inflate a tubeless tire

It is possible to wait until one of the drivers takes pity and gives his spare tire for free, but such generosity is a rarity. That is why you should scrap my car etobicoke and read this article and use our way out of this situation.

It is impossible to fully inflate a tube

less tire with a hand pump. The design of the tire is such that you need an air compressor for full inflation. This creates instantaneous high pressure, which causes the tire rims to immediately and tightly encircle the rims of the disc. After that, it’s on to inflation without bleeding the air.

To get this kind of help in the field in the absence of an air compressor, inspect the tire to see if it has a puncture. If so, gently seal it with crude rubber or other reliable way.

Insert the nipple in the nipple tire and screw a hand pump. Do further work on the wheel away from the car for safety.

Then pour 50 grams of petrol into the gap between the rim and the tire and turn the wheel round its axis. This will cause the fuel to spread evenly inside. Next, bring a lit torch to the gap (a torch in this situation is the safest solution). You will get a soft pop due to gasoline vapors, as a result, for a while the tire rims will lie tightly against the disc. Take advantage of the situation and immediately proceed to inflate the tire with a hand pump.

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