Isothermal vans: peculiarities of restoration repair

A distinctive feature of modern isothermal car vans is an increased degree of sealing in the interior space, the strength of design and its lightness. Because of this, isothermal vans are able to maintain the set temperature for a long time, and even if the refrigeration equipment is disabled or out of service. These vans are accepted for recycling under the program car scrap for money.

But, despite the use of modern equipment, as well as materials, isothermal vans periodically in need of scheduled or operational repair and maintenance. Booth repair offered by may be required when there are signs of natural wear and tear on the outer or inner linings, sealing failure, wall deformation or when the van is damaged due to an accident.


In the manufacture of roofs and walls of isothermal vans today are often used sandwich panels with multiple layers, attached to a metal base frame. This technology can significantly reduce the weight of the booth, facilitate the process of replacing or repairing not only a single part of the wall, but also all of it. In addition, the technology, which involves the use of sandwich panels in the construction of isothermal booths, allows for the repair of damaged areas by your own forces.

All this adds convenience in the operation of modern vans, but in order to count on a really high-quality repair and avoid unnecessary financial losses, it is recommended to apply only to specialists with the proper experience in repairing car vans.


Specialists involved in the repair of various types of vans, special attention is paid to work related to the repair of the floor. This is especially true for isothermal vans, where the floors are multi-layered and include a base of aluminum or sheet iron, insulation and the flooring itself. The latter is often done with plywood, which has a special moisture-repellent coating or stainless steel sheets. But recently “stainless steel” is not often used for flooring. The reason for this is the high cost of such material and its difficult repair.

Wear and tear in the isothermal van flooring – the most common problem with which the owners of trucks apply to repair organizations. To solve such an issue, partial or sometimes complete replacement of the outer layer of the floor covering is required.
In the list of the most frequent appeals is a through break in the floor. If such a problem is observed, it is resolved by almost complete replacement of the flooring of the caravan floor.

In any case, timely application to a repair company will allow you to avoid more serious troubles, such as those related to the integrity of transported cargo, as well as subsequent expensive repair work.

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