Tires for trucks and special equipment: the specifics of their successful choice

Owners of trucks, special equipment know that replacing tires is one of the most expensive items of expenditure for their maintenance. For this reason, they sometimes turn to this company: Therefore, they are interested in buying and installing the highest quality, durable tires. It is possible to choose such tires from the extensive range, but only if you take into account all the important parameters of the product.

Truck tires – their types and important features

In the choice of tires for a truck, the main reference point is the recommendations of the transport manufacturer. Nobody forbids the driver to pick up tires at his discretion. But in this case, you should clearly understand: the operational parameters and the level of safety of the machine may seriously suffer.

No less important is the conditions in which the truck will be operated most often. According to this criterion, most manufacturers classify tires into the following categories:

– highway;
– urban;
– regional;
– off-road.
The marking of truck tires often uses indices, the knowledge of which can help the driver to make a successful choice. The letter E designates tires that are optimally suited for vehicles operating in urban and suburban conditions. Rubber with the index A is excellent on highways, while rubber with Y is suitable for cars cruising on difficult road surfaces.

As for the choice of tire manufacturer, it is difficult to give any unexpected recommendations to the drivers. In priority were and remain models from proven, reputable global brands. Of course, these tires are more expensive, but all the driver’s costs for them are fully justified. The costs are guaranteed to be recovered by the high service life of rubber and its excellent performance characteristics.

Tires for special equipment – by what criteria do they choose?

The category of special equipment includes a variety of excavators, bulldozers, loaders and tractors. When choosing tires for them must be aware that they will operate not only in conditions of high dynamic, but also static loads. For this reason, products should have the highest indicators of durability and reliability. Selection of tires with such parameters is carried out taking into account their following characteristics:

– profile width and height;
– fitting diameter;
– the width of the bearing and overall part.
The optimum value of all these parameters is specified by the manufacturer in the relevant recommendations.

As with trucks, in selecting tires for special equipment, it is important in what conditions it will be used. If most of the work is performed on unpaved or sandy soils, it is better to install diagonal tires. For equipment that is used mainly on paved surfaces, radial tires are a priority for installation.

Another selection parameter is the presence/absence of cameras. The economical use of special equipment directly depends on this indicator. Vehicles with chamber tires consume more fuel. For this reason, such tires should not be purchased for vehicles that need to cover significant distances during the operation. Tubeless tires are more suitable for static use. Their market price is somewhat higher, but the products are distinguished by a high level of stability and good handling in difficult road conditions.

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