What to do if you fill up with bad gasoline?

Every driver knows how much depends on fuel. However, we all run the risk of pouring in bad gasoline and paying for it with expensive and complicated repairs. How to avoid refueling with low-quality fuel, especially during vacations and long car rides to holiday destinations, what to do if you poured bad gasoline and by what signs you can understand it – in our material. And if you’ve had an accident because of bad gasoline and wrecked your car so badly that it doesn’t make sense to repair it, then come here: https://towingandscrapcarremoval.ca/scrap-car-removal-georgina.

How to protect yourself from refueling with bad gasoline?

Unfortunately, along with the increase in fuel prices the quality of gasoline remains the same. Along with it the risk of refueling your car with bad gasoline remains. What kind of trouble it brings, what to do if you fill up with bad gasoline and how to understand that a certain gas station should be avoided in the future – tell us below.

Consequences of using bad gasoline

Poor-quality gasoline seriously affects the operation of the car:

First of all, the fuel system will suffer: the filter on the gasoline pump, the fuel pump. This sometimes leads to complete failure of the parts.

Ignition system. The spark plugs get clogged and fall into disrepair, then the ignition coils.

The catalyst suffers, which leads to check ignition.

Engine deteriorates, increased detonation leads to overheating.

Oxygen and detonation sensors fail as a consequence of catalytic converter and engine problems.

Where does the bad gasoline come from? It’s simple – it’s about the desire of gas stations to make as much money as possible. For this purpose, they enrich cheap gasoline with additives, which increase the octane number and sell it as AI-95 or AI-98. Not every car can react in the same way to such fuel, and several cars before you may safely drive away from the gas station.

In addition, bad gasoline is “found” in the tanks, which haven’t been cleaned for a long time, pouring it from the bottom, you also risk the engine and other parts of the car.

How to understand, that bad gasoline is poured?

the car “doesn’t go”, an evident decrease in engine power is noticed;

the car jerks, the engine shakes;

the car does not start at the first attempt or does not start at all;

fuel consumption increases significantly;

If the Check Engine light comes on, it may be caused by low-quality gasoline.

You can feel it almost immediately after refueling.

What to do if you filled up with bad gasoline?

First of all, continuing to run the engine only aggravates the situation, so stop. The driver has the right to return and demand compensation from the gas station, to conduct an examination of the fuel, which will take some time. However, some actions to repair the damage should be done immediately, first of all, get rid of the poured fuel:

You need to completely drain the substandard gasoline from the tank. After that, flush the gas tank and refill the gasoline at a verified gas station.

Sometimes you can hear advice that bad fuel is diluted with high-quality fuel, but this advice is valid only if the poured low-quality gasoline was little. In addition, the gasoline may not mix. Therefore, it is more reliable to completely drain the fuel and flush the entire system.

Sometimes it is recommended to pour a fuel activator additive into the gasoline. It will work in the case, if it is necessary to raise octane number. If, however, the gasoline is bad due to its contamination with fuel oil and other impurities, the method will not be effective.

Immediately after that, go to a car service. You can choose the nearest one on our resource localrepair.ru, using a convenient search engine. At the service will check the gas pump, line, flush or replace the injectors, change the filters. Only after that you may start using the vehicle again.

How to protect yourself from refueling with low-quality gasoline?

To avoid such situations:

Do not fill up at unknown gas stations, and at verified gas stations fill up a full tank, try not to wait for the light bulb to turn on.

Do not fill up with gasoline if the cost is much lower than the average market price.

Visually assess the cleanliness and neatness of the gas station, do not fill up at dirty and old gas stations.

Choose known gas stations and keep the receipt.

If you cannot avoid refueling at a suspicious station, pour some gasoline into a transparent container, check the purity of the fuel for contamination and water visually.

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