Why a “shark fin” is installed on the roof of the car

Many modern car models have special “shark fins” in the back of the roof, which today have more of a decorative function. However, previously they were used as an antenna or data transmission device. Let’s talk in detail about what the need for such “shark fins” on the roof of the car and scrap prices mississauga.

Individuality and beauty
Such “shark fin”, placed on the roof of the car, gives the car originality and unusualness. Many car manufacturers use such elements with different shape and appearance, which allows them to emphasize the stylistics of the design of a particular model. They are made of plastic or other durable materials, painted in the color of the body.

By the way, some models may have such fins by default on some cars, while in other cases the same models do not have them. Therefore, one should not be surprised by the fact that the same car, produced literally with a difference of several years, has such a fin on the roof, while another copy does not have it.

History of appearance
It is known that “shark fins” on the roofs of cars appeared in the thirties of the last century. They were first used by Czech car manufacturers, and subsequently the fashion for such accessories spread around the world. Initially, it was believed that the installation of such a small-sized item on the roof of the car improves the stability of the car while driving at high speeds.

However, in reality, there was no need for such improved stability in those days, so such fins initially appeared only on a few models, becoming their symbol and an unusual feature. It was only at the end of the last century that shark fins began to be installed on an increasing number of cars, many of them with a claim to sportiness.

Functional purpose
However, you should not think that such “shark fins” are only decorative elements that give the car an individuality and originality. They are often used to conceal small in size antennas or other devices that work with GSM and GPS signals.

The undoubted advantage of such shark fins, which hide antennas and receivers, compared with the open location of such devices, is that you can wash the car without any difficulty, without the risk of breaking the expensive antenna.

Often car owners try to install on their own cars such “shark fins”, good thing they can easily be purchased in most specialized auto stores. With independent installation, the “shark fins” are used solely for decorative purposes. You can choose such elements painted in different colors, made of plastic, lightweight metal and even carbon fiber.

Also popular among car owners are “shark fins”, which are equipped with additional LED lighting. Such decorative elements look impressive in the dark, emphasizing the uniqueness of the car. Installing the fin and the connection of the LED lighting is not any particular complexity, so every car owner can cope with this work on their own, decorating your car.

The cost of such decorative “shark fins” is not too high. You can also pick up the original options, made of carbon fiber, which are a constant attribute of many sports cars. The original variants of “shark fins” are popular, which have a higher price, but are distinguished by the quality of workmanship and flaunt a stylish appearance.

Let’s summarize
“Shark fins” are the permanent attribute of many modern cars, and such accessories perform purely decorative purposes, decorating the car and giving it originality, and have a functional purpose, hiding inside small radio antennas and special transmitters that work with GPS and GSM signals. If you want, you can choose such “shark fins” in auto accessories stores, the choice is really huge, and their installation on the car is not difficult, so you can do all the work yourself.

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