Why are modern used cars at the crossroads of hackers?

The data we leave behind on the vehicles we sell can tempt cybercriminals who collect information for their own purposes such as cash for scrap cars.

The level of technical equipment of modern vehicles, which makes life easier for their users, for example, connecting to the Internet, using navigation, pairing mobile phones, has, in addition, a downside. We rarely delete our data from the on-board computer of the car we sell it. Thus, the new owner, along with the car, buys a database of their previous user.

Phone numbers, call history, location data from navigation – we leave this information in the memory of the on-board computer. Few people think about removing them. Considering that a huge number of cars are being resold, and their owners are changing, then, as a result, more and more “moving” databases go on the roads.

Leaving data in car systems is nothing more than making life easier for hackers and cybercriminals who know perfectly well how to get as much information as possible about their potential victims. How can this situation be prevented? First of all, refuse to synchronize some of the data, regularly check and delete some data from on-board computers – especially if you are going to sell a car.

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